As well as being a time for food, family and friends, the festive break provides an extended period to prepare your home for sale in the new year. The idea can sometimes feel daunting, but by starting small you’ll soon be on your way to having your house in order. Try out some of these tips.

Undeck the halls

Take your Christmas decorations down earlier than usual. Not only in readiness for having your home photographed in the new year, but because they are going to get in the way of everything else we suggest in this blog. Box them up between Christmas and New Year to put you in the perfect frame of mind for…

Packing up your chattels

There is no better way to get you in a determined frame of mind to move, than to start acting as though it’s going to happen. The key here is to start small by identifying any items you want to take with you that are unlikely to see the light of day before you move. Picnic equipment, summer clothing, outdoor playthings… Not only will it create space in your cupboards and shrink the big packing job later on, but you’ll almost certainly come across plenty of things you longer need or want, which can then be sold, given away or thrown out. Which leads us nicely onto…

Living with less

Perhaps the most universal piece of advice for anyone selling any type of property, decluttering has become a watchword for moving home. Bursting at the seams is not a good look, but the idea is not to turn your property into a mecca for minimalists; it’s to give your home the space to shine. There’s no need to lose your bookshelves, but replacing the tomes in a few sections with well chosen accessory will show your room extends beyond your Penguin classics. Legions of family photos can be distracting, so minimise them to a favourite few. Open every cupboard door: can you see right to the back, or do things fall out? If it’s the latter, there’s work to be done.

Store up your troubles

Once you’ve completed the above, you might be wondering what you’re going to do with all the boxes. In short, get them away from your property. Does a friend have some space in their garage or loft? If not, rent a store room for a few months. You’ll find plenty of options around Leytonstone and Wanstead and, for the results you are about to receive, you will be truly thankful.

Look at the little things

Are there any nagging little repairs that you’ve been meaning to get around to or have simply gotten used to? A scuffed wall, a cracked tile, a leaky tap, a jamming door. Even a light bulb that needs changing. These are minor inconveniences that can easily be forgotten when life is happening around you, but they will form part of the impression a buyer makes when viewing your home. Have a wander around and see what you notice.

Dump the rubbish

If you’ll be hosting Christmas or New Year festivities, you are going to be left with plenty of trash after everyone has gone home. Whether it’s bottles and wrapping paper from Christmas, or bottles and pizza boxes from New Year, do not be tempted to put them in a cupboard or outside the back door ‘for later’. Deal with them now, along with any other items for whom ‘for later’ never came.

Automate the cosiness

Take advantage of the cold weather by giving viewers a warm welcome. With longer evenings, potential buyers will often be seeing your property in the dark, and before you get home. So put side lamps on timers and set the heating to come on before sunset to create an inviting atmosphere. The idea is to have people removing their jackets with delight and savouring the comfort and joy.

If you’re unsure where to start, the main thing is simply to begin. Remember to have fun and to keep the idea of moving home in mind. You might be even be surprised at what you discover; possibly parts of your home that you haven’t seen for years! Good luck, and Merry Christmas.

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